Why We Called Our Business ‘Blue Cow Practice’

We decided to shut the practice for the day. We asked our Son, Harry, what he wanted to do. He said he wanted us to watch his favourite TV programme with him.

As we sat, a cartoon came on. It was about a cow. Unlike all the other Brown cows in her field, this cow was different. She was Blue. However it was not just her colour that made her different, it was that she didn’t want to settle with her life.

She was dynamic, optimistic and open-minded. Blue Cow wanted to grow and be the best version of herself. Whilst she wanted to leave her field and go to the Olympics, the ballet and the moon, all the other cows would tell her ‘everybody knows Cows can’t do that’.

However Blue Cow was not put off by them. This cartoon was more profound than it needed to be. In that moment, on the settee, feeling completely fed up.

We realised that we were BLUE COWS.

We wanted our Dream Practice, but had been settling and surrounding ourselves with people who were saying and acting like the Brown cows in the cartoon, who told Blue Cow ‘everybody knows you cant do that’.

We remember one team member telling us ‘I am not going down with a sinking ship’ before she left us, people calling in sick on sunny days, wanting meetings over issues, more pay, and generally terrorising us. We had patients who would follow our advice, missed appointments and sometimes complained about paying.

We were like Brown cow practice owners, complaining, moaning and letting ourselves get burned out. ALL THE WAS GOING TO CHANGE… We committed to acting like Blue Cows.

We were going to TRANSFORM everything. Surround ourselves with Blue Cow team, blue cow patients and turn ourselves into Blue Cows!

THE CHALLENGE WAS….We had no clue what to do…..

So we attended business events all around the world, visited world class businesses, studied with some amazing mentors. We created the formula we needed that was hiding in plain sight all the time. We called it our ‘5 V Technology’ and DREAM PRACTICE PROCESS.


Using these strategies, we ‘found ourselves again’, grew our practice, created a large, beautiful, well-being, spa-like Centre, attracted our dream team, attracted lots of new patients, patients who stayed on their courses of care and were happy to pay and also come in to see us during our Ideal hours!

We reached 7 figures WITHOUT US HAVING TO WORK IN OUR PRACTICE if we didn’t want to.

Blue Cow became part of our culture. When we started working with mentoring clients, they loved the blue cow concept.

We started talking about how Blue Cow practice owners would behave. What would a blue cow practice be like.

Jo was speaking at an event in Rome, Italy. As she walked down the street someone shouted ‘Hey you are the Blue Cow Lady’!

Jo become known as that, we were Blue Cows, our clients were blue cows, so it became obvious that our mentoring company should be BLUE COW PRACTICE.

Ready To Supercharge Your Practice?

We’re hosting our Blue Cow Congress 2018 on 20th-21st  September 2018 and we’d like to invite you to join us and our amazing speakers: