You may be wondering – what the heck is a Blue Cow Practice? Well, let me start by saying that the Blue Cow idea originated with a children’s cartoon. That’s right, a children’s cartoon, but hear me out. This concept will change the way you run your practice.

So yes, the name of the cartoon was called “Blue Cow”. I was introduced to this show when I was watching it with my wife Jo and our oldest son Harry. The cow on the cartoon was unlike all the other cows in her field.

She was blue, of course, and all the others were brown, and she was interested in life. She wanted to do stuff and achieve great things. She wanted to get out there — she wanted to be an astronaut and go to the Olympics. Basically, she wanted to do all these things that cows don’t normally do.

The rest of the cows were not interested in any of that, and they would poke fun at her for wanting to be more than what she was, and they would tell her that she couldn’t do it.

“Everyone knows cows can’t do that,” they would often say.

So Jo and I were on the settee with Harry, watching this thing, and she (the blue cow) goes off, entering the Olympics and winning gold medals. She even flies to the moon.

When she comes back to tell her friends in the field that she had done all of these great things, they would still say, “Oh, she’s off again.”

Then they would carry on chewing the grass. This is how every episode would be, and at the end the narrator would always say: “Everyone knows cows can’t do that, but we know they can.”

When that cartoon finished, Jo and I looked at each other, and we thought “My God, that is so profound. “The “Blue Cow” lesson wasn’t just for kids. We immediately realised that adults could learn from it as well.

Here’s the big lesson: When it comes to your business, are you running a blue cow practice or a brown cow practice?

We naturally have behaviours that either make us a blue cow or a brown cow. If you’re being a blue cow, you’re optimistic, full of passion, enthusiasm and driven by a need to “leave the field”.

If you’re being a brown cow, you’re one who tends to complain a lot. You’re very cynical, and you blame others. You sit there and chew the grass as you settle with whatever life throws at you.

“Blue Cow” has many profound points to make for all of us in terms of “leaving the field”. The blue cow in the story leaves her field every day to go and explore.

So the question I pose to you, dear reader, is this: Are you interested in running a Blue Cow Practice? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your practice successful? Are you ready to explore different possibilities?

Let me finish with one more story. It focuses on the blue cow concept, and it revolves around the whole notion of who you are in your business and practice, whether that be the practice owner or a team member.

Long ago, in medieval times, a guy was walking along a road and happens upon another fellow with a sledgehammer smashing rocks, and he asks him, “What are you doing?” And the guy says, “I’m smashing rocks.”

He goes up the road a bit further, sees another fellow with a sledgehammer who’s also smashing rocks, and he says to him, “What are you doing?” He says, “I’m making a living.”

And then there’s a third guy further up the road who’s also smashing rocks with a sledgehammer, and he asks him, “What are you doing?” And he says, “I’m building a cathedral.”

When it comes to running your practice, are you merely doing the day to day grind to make a living? Are you just performing mundane tasks? Or are you building something grand and fantastic, much like a majestic cathedral?

Blue Cow Practices are building cathedrals. The people who are helping you construct this cathedral are your teammates.

If you don’t have a vision that is cathedral-like for your business, then you’re likely surrounded by people just making a living, or just smashing rocks. I urge you to retain the lesson you’ve learned from the blue cow and the man walking along the road.

If you’re running a Blue Cow practice, you’re not just smashing rocks. You’re not just making a living. You’re building a grand cathedral. With the right attitude, your cathedral will be majestic indeed.

If you’re looking to grow your practice, then check out the latest episode of the Blue Cow Podcast. We’ll show you the way to grow your practice faster, and with fewer headaches.