'The Best Decision I've Ever Made...'

In terms of owning a practice, joining Blue Cow has without doubt been the best decision I’ve ever made. Since joining, using the strategies taught by Jo and Steve I’ve been able to create a team and a clinic that runs without me seeing patients, and I’ve relocated to another country. In that time the turnover of the practice more than doubled.

Anthony Lavin


Jo and Steve Davison and Blue Cow are game changers. My practice was sailing along but it wasn’t my dream practice. Their recipes, support and the support from fellow ‘Blue Cows’ is fantastic. I have learnt so much about myself during the process, if you want to raise your game and build your dream practice you need to give this serious consideration.

Jon Toward

'Changed my life...'

“Blue cow has changed my life. I was a strung-out practice owner barely scraping by, miserable and stressed. I worried about my clinic all the time and couldn’t switch off from it. Since starting “Blue cow”, my turnover actually doubled within 3 months, with what felt like very little effort. My team and I are much happier and all excited about what the future may hold. I would never have thought I would be the kind of person to do something like this, but a friend told me to go for it and I’m so glad I did. If you’re considering it then PLEASE JUST DO IT!

Felicity Crone

'It's been life changing!'

When we first started with Jo and Steve our Centre comprised of a fab team of 6. We were working hard, helping people but the business had plateaued… With Jo and Steve’s encouragement, the 5 V’s technology and hard work, we now have an amazing team of 15. Our centre now helps many more people all without us having to be there 24/7, allowing us more time away to focus on the business whilst having a vastly improved work/life/holidays balance. It’s been life changing!

Wendy Davis

'Changed our mindset and practice'

Being part of Jo and Steve’s mentoring group completely changed our mindset and practice. Thank you Jo and Steve from the bottom of our hearts ♥️.

Rachael Dunn

'Blue Cow Is Like Nothing Else You've Ever Experienced'

Over the years, in our quest for a world class practice, we have sought out some of the best coaches and best coaching programmes worldwide. We never really found what we were looking for until we met Jo and Steve Davison. Blue Cow is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced and Jo and Steve’s passion, commitment, knowledge and creativity shines through like a beacon. Undoubtedly It’s changed our lives for the better!

Rosemary and Neil Folker

'I wish I'd known them when we first opened...'

Jo and Steve have helped us transform our practice into a true stand alone enterprise that can run with or without us being there in it. Our team are all inspired to deliver the same world class experience to our patients as we are, because we now have the tools to find and recruit like minded people along with systems that enable them to be the best they can be while at work. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending that you utilise their knowledge and I wish I’d known them when we first opened our business 16 years ago.

Spencer Pullin

'Truly Transformational...'

Having done many self and business development trainings in the past, our journey with Jo and Steve Davison has been truly transformational. The support offered by Jo and Steve and, in particular, the entire Blue Cow community, has been astounding – almost difficult to believe that such generosity of spirit could exist in professional life.

Paul Clusker

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