At its core, burnout is a reflection of the choices we’ve made to get to a certain point. Overcoming burnout is easier than you think.

Some of you reading this article have already set up a practice. You’ve experienced the frantic energy involved to perform well and reach your goals.

But suddenly, after the initial flurry of energy, you hit a brick wall and you start to feel burnt out. This is a very common problem.

Fortunately there’s good news – you don’t have to stay in burnout. You can avoid it.

Here are six tips on what you can do to either stop burnout or completely turn it around.

1) Make Sure You Have A Business

The first tip ┬áis to make sure you have an actual business. I’m not talking about just owning a chiropractic practice, but actually owning a business.

Your business should be set up with great systems so that it’s not just about you doing everything.

If you have a practice that only works when you’re there adjusting lots of people, it might be suggested that you don’t have an actual business. You might just have a really busy job.

So the first thing you’ll want to think about is: Does your practice set up and run like a business, or just a really busy job?

2) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The second tip is to make sure you have key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business that tell you that you’re on track. Often burnout comes when you’re not in alignment with where you want to go.

Make checking your KPIs a habit. You should set a KPI sheet in your practice.

Thus, ensure that your opening up checklist, end of the day checklist, and closing down checklist are all up to speed.

Then create recipes for everything else that goes on in the practice.

I call them recipes for one simple reason: If you were to leave your practice and someone else came in, would they be able to pick up your KPIs and follow the directions as easily as following the recipe in a cookbook?

Remember that having KPIs in place will help to keep you on track. They should become a vital part of your daily process.

3) Take Ownership Of Your Ownership

This tip is more than just a clever play on words. You have to understand that you’re the owner of your practice. Make sure you’re thinking like a business owner.

One of the things that we tell all of our clients is to create a Owner Time Table. This is the time when you’re not working in or on your business.

Think of it as a short vacation. It’s your time to recharge with the people you love. You’re why you’re doing this in the first place.

You’re not doing this so you can work all the time in your practice and not have connections with your loved ones.

overcome burnout

It might feel like you want to hide away, but it is possible to overcome burnout.

4) Practice Flow

The next tip is to make sure you’re practising what we call “flow”. No ideal practice fits everyone. Your success should come when you create a business that you love.

This comes from using the techniques you love, seeing the patients that you love, at the times that suit your life.

A lot of people burn out because they’re adjusting at times that might suit the patient, but not themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with accommodating your patients, but if you do so at your own expense for too long, you’re just asking to burn out at some point.

Make sure you’re adjusting hours and timetable to fit your personal life as well as your business.

5) Building Your Team

The next thing we need to talk about is your team. There are two different models that I highly suggest you use. The first is the guru model.

With the guru model, you have a single chiropractor who is working on their own with either a high volume of traffic, a high fee, or both.

The second model is the associate model. With this model, you’re the boss in charge who leads a team of associates. If you have a strong coaching plan, the associate model can be very effective.

The associate model allows you to create a brilliant relationship with your team.

Once you set up your processes and have your systems and recipes in place, don’t be surprised if your associates stick with you four, five, or even six years.

If you do have team members, then make sure that you are creating a culture that’s fun and dynamic.

6) Take Care Of Yourself

Likely the most important tip on this list: Make sure you’re taking great care of yourself. We have a thing called the 90-day rule that states that all creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners take some time away from their business to recharge.

This allows you to see the business as separate from yourself. It’s all about being happy and healthy. Taking a break also allows you to take a step back and view your business from a different perspective.

We call it being in the trees versus stepping above the trees and looking down. You will have a completely different perspective.

If you’re feeling frustrated and burnt out, please know you can work your way out of your situation. You just need to regain your focus and drive and then come up with a winning strategy.

When that happens, you’ll find you’ll be full of energy once again.

If you’re looking to grow your practice, then check out the latest episode of the Blue Cow Podcast. We’ll show you the way to grow your practice faster, and with fewer headaches.