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Jo and Steve Davison started their first healthcare practice in 2001. At first it was awesome, however as the practice grew it started to consume them. They were challenged with getting enough new patients, educating patients to stick to their courses of care to get the best outcome, they found themselves being terrorised by staff and earning less money than they had as associates. Jo and Steve knew things could not go on as they were and they either had to give up or completely change their business model. After a chance meeting with ‘Blue Cow’, they made the decision to study world class businesses and created their ‘secret sauce’ that would transform everything. They re-built and grew the initial practice, expanded into other sites, employed associates, receptionists, assistants, massage therapists, ran practices they worked in and those they didn’t. They have lived the highs and lows of practice ownership and created the success strategies that lead to an ethical, fun, busy, profitable, 7 figure practice. This book reveals the five-step process they used. It is these strategies that they have now shared with hundreds of practice owners and their teams around the world through their mentoring community. Steve and Jo love to mentor practice owners and are passionate about helping them to develop their Dream Practice.