If you’re looking to add team members to your practice, you need to work on helping yourself become the best leader and captain possible.

Trust me, you don’t want to ever find yourself in a situation where your team members feel like they’re showing up to work for a terrible boss. You should want people who feel like they’re working with an inspiring captain who wants to really develop the team and help them to be the best they can be.

We often talk in our community about making sure your Velcro is strong, so that you attract the right people who want to work with you. When you’ve attracted the right people, it’s important that you invest time, energy and effort in them.

Offering Incentives

The moment you decide to bring on a new team member, you must ensure that you have a compelling voyage for them. It’s also important to include an incentive to perform. In my past experience I’ve always incorporated junior, intermediate, senior, and managing levels. This is done to give everyone a chance to progress. There’s no worse feeling than stagnation.

Even if someone is working part-time, they still want to feel like they’re growing as a person because in the words of Tony Robbins: “if we’re not growing, we’re dying.”

So, it’s important to think about why you have an associate. Don’t just bring someone on because you’re burnt out and want a day off. You should bring someone on because you’re trying to build an all-star team. Furthermore, the addition of incentives will push your team to work that much harder.

Becoming A Team Member Is More Than “Just A Job”

Bringing on a new associate isn’t about just giving someone a job. It’s about the team. It’s about the centre itself. It’s about the technique you use. I always encourage people to come and meet in person before offering a position. Otherwise the focus is just on the paycheck and the hours.

And really, that’s not the most important thing. Of course, you want to pay well, and of course, you want to schedule great hours. But the most important question that needs to be answered — what’s life going to be like when I’m with you? You should want your associates to have a compelling voyage and be with you for a long time.

The Benefits Of Bringing On Full Time Associates

Finally, think about how you offer the job position. I personally suggest that you have associates full-time. Full-time team members are better able to immerse themselves within the inner workings of your business. You should want them to learn your process as quickly as possible. You should be able to develop their confidence, technique, and their customer service skills.

Now that they’re in this position, you can offer them a great mentorship programme.

They can observe what’s going on and practise good technique. This allows them to develop the skillsets needed to become a valuable asset on your team.

The process of becoming an amazing captain isn’t for the uncommitted. Having someone competent and full of drive at the helm will ensure that you lead your team to victory in whatever battles you face.

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